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[single-chip FM stereo radio]
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Philips Semiconductors
Philips Semiconductors’ digitally tuned TEA5767/68 FM stereo
receiver IC is based on an innovative architecture concept that
simplifies radio design, significantly reducing the number of external
components. Delivering the highest performance levels, this one-chip
radio solution occupies minimal PCB area (9x9 mm) making it ideal
for all space-critical and low voltage applications such as mobile
phones and MP3 players.
single-chip FM stereo radio
The single-chip TEA5767/68 is a miniature, digitally tuned radio IC
that utilizes an entirely new radio architecture concept that replaces
passive components and complex circuitry, with on-board silicon,
drastically reducing the overall bill of materials and making design-in
easier. It requires zero external alignments, resulting in shorter design
times and lower manufacturing costs due to simplified component
placement and reduced logistics overhead. Also, being adjustment free,
it delivers increased quality and reliability, both in manufacture and
throughout its lifetime in your end application.
As well as offering increased functionality in handheld devices, the
radio IC is ideal for integration in a wide range of applications, where
its minimal interaction with the rest of your application helps avoid
reception / transmission interference. The TEA5767/68 also features
very low power consumption and its small footprint makes it ideal for
applications where board space is at a premium.
Capable of tuning to European, US and Japanese FM bands, the
TEA5767/68 does not need an external FM discriminator and handles
IF selectivity entirely on-chip.
• FM stereo receiver in MP3 players, portable audio devices
and mobile phones
• Miniature FM radio
• Mini- and micro-sized audio systems
• Home Hi-Fi
Key features
• Only 18 external components (19 passive components
replaced by silicon)
• No alignments necessary
• Fully integrated FM IF selectivity and demodulation
• Signal dependent mono / stereo blend (stereo noise cancelling)
• Adjustment free stereo decoder
• Soft mute and signal dependent high cut control (HCC)
• Autonomous Search Tune (AST) to decrease bus communication
• Software switchable low / high injection local oscillator
• Two software programmable ports
• 32.768 kHz / 6.5 MHz / 13 MHz software switchable oscillator
• Package/interface options
- TEA5767HL with 3-wire bus – LQFP32
- TEA5768HL with I
C-bus – LQFP32
- TEA5767HN with switchable 3-wire / I
C-bus – small HVQFN40
• Standby mode switched via bus
• 2.5 V minimum supply voltage
• Automotive temperature range (at 5 V