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AT91SAM9G45C-CU - ARM微控制器, 代理商原装奔驰现货专卖店斐熙电子王强ATMEL代收货款

类别:公司动态 发布时间:2017-10-13  阅读:96 发布企业: 斐熙电子香港有限公司
摘要:AT91SAM9G45C-CU - ARM微控制器, ARM Thumb, SMART ARM based Microcontrollers, 32位, 400 MHz, 64 KB, 64 KB,
AT91SAM9G45C-CU - ARM微控制器, ARM Thumb, SMART ARM based Microcontrollers, 32位, 400 MHz, 64 KB, 64 KB, 324 引脚The AT91SAM9G45C-CU is a SMART 32-bit Embedded Microprocessor Unit based on ARM926EJ-S-based processor, features the frequently demanded combination of user interface functionality and high data rate connectivity, including LCD controller, resistive touchscreen, camera interface, audio, Ethernet 10/100 and high speed USB and SDIO. With the processor running at 400MHz and multiple 100+ Mbps data rate peripherals, the SAM9G45 provides adequate performance and bandwidth to the network or local storage media. The SAM9G45 eMPU supports DDR2 and NAND flash memory interfaces for program and data storage. An internal 133MHz multi-layer bus architecture associated with 37 DMA channels, a dual external bus interface and distributed memory including a 64kB SRAM which can be configured as a tightly coupled memory (TCM) sustains the high bandwidth required by the processor and the high speed peripherals. A true random number generator is embedded for key generation and exchange protocols.

400MHz ARM926EJ-S ARM Thumb processor

32kB Data cache, 32kB instruction cache, MMU

133MHz Twelve 32-bit layer AHB bus matrix

Boot from NAND flash, SDCard, dataflash or serial dataflash

Reset controller (RSTC) with on-chip power-on reset

Selectable 32768Hz Low-power and 12MHz Crystal oscillators

Internal low-power 32kHz RC oscillator

One PLL for the system and one 480MHz PLL optimized for USB high speed

Two programmable external clock signals

Advanced interrupt controller (AIC)

Periodic interval timer (PIT), watchdog timer (WDT), real-time timer (RTT) & real-time clock (RTC)

Five 32-bit Parallel I/O controllers

160 Programmable I/O lines multiplexed with up to two peripheral I/Os with Schmitt trigger input

DDR2 controller 4-bank DDR2/LPDDR, SDRAM/LPSDR

External bus interface

64kB Internal SRAM, single-cycle access at system speed or processor speed through TCM interface

64kB internal ROM, embedding bootstrap routine

LCD controller (LCDC) supporting STN and TFT displays up to 1280 x 860

ITU-R BT. 601/656 Image sensor interface (ISI)

Dual high speed USB host and a high speed USB device with on-chip transceivers


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产品范围:SMART ARM based Microcontrollers位数:32位CPU速度:400MHz程序内存大小:64KB存储器容量, RAM:64KB针脚数:324引脚MCU 封装类型:TFBGA输入/输出数:160输入架构:ARM9嵌入式接口类型:I2C, SPI, SSC, UART, USART电源电压最小值:900mV电源电压最大值:1.1V封装:每个MSL: MSL 3 - 168小时