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AT91SAM9263B-CU-100 - ARM微控制器, ARM Thumb, SMART ARM based Microcontrollers,奔驰斐熙电子现货

类别:公司动态 发布时间:2017-10-18  阅读:87 发布企业: 斐熙电子香港有限公司
摘要:产品信息 产品范围: SMART ARM based Microcontrollers 位数: 32位 CPU速度: 240MHz 程序内存大小: 128KB 存储器容量, RAM:
产品信息产品范围:SMART ARM based Microcontrollers位数:32位CPU速度:240MHz程序内存大小:128KB存储器容量, RAM:96KB针脚数:324引脚MCU 封装类型:TFBGA输入/输出数:160输入架构:ARM9嵌入式接口类型:CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, USART, USB电源电压最小值:1.08V电源电压最大值:1.32V封装:每个MSL: MSL 3 - 168小时

AT91SAM9263B-CU-100 is a 32-bit Microcontroller Unit, based on the ARM926EJ-S processor, is architectured on a 9-layer matrix, allowing a maximum internal bandwidth of nine 32-bit buses. It also features two independent external memory buses, EBI0 and EBI1, capable of interfacing with a wide range of memory devices and an IDE hard disk. Two external buses prevent bottlenecks, thus guaranteeing maximum performance. This embeds an LCD Controller supported by a Two D Graphics Controller and a 2-channel DMA Controller and one Image Sensor Interface. When coupled with an external GPS engine, the provides the ideal solution for navigation systems.

DSP instruction extensions, Jazelle® Technology for Java® acceleration

220MIPS at 200MHz

Memory management unit

EmbeddedICE™ Debug communication channel support

Mid-level implementation embedded Trace Macrocell™

Nine 32-bit-layer matrix, allowing a total of 28.8Gbps of On-chip bus bandwidth

Boot mode select option, remap command

Embedded memories

Dual external bus interface (EBI0 and EBI1)

20 Peripheral DMA controller channels (PDC)


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