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摘要:IP108A-LF IP108ALLF 集eight-port 10 base - t、100 base-tx和100 base-fx接收器在一个芯片上。 灵活8-port 100 base

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Integrates eight-port 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX transceivers in a single chip.
Flexible 8-port 100Base-FX configuration.
Supports auto crossover function and force MDIX function.
Supports auto-negotiation function.
Flexible functional configuration through either pin setting or register programming.
Supports SS-SMII interfaces.
Supports BaseLine Wander (BLW) compensation.
Provides direct drive mode and serial data latch LED display mode.
Embeds DSP-based PHY Transceiver technology to improve the cable driving performance
Adjustable current driving capabilities
Adjustable SS-SMII interface timing
Provides power-on LED diagnostic function
Power supply: Selectable 3.3V/1.95V for I/O 1.95V power supply for core
Supports Automatic Power Saving (APS) Mode
Requires only one external clock source
0.18u CMOS technology
128Pin PQFP package
Support Lead Free package (Please refer to the Order Information)

General Description :
The IP 108A is a highly integrated octal PHY transceiver for 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet applications. This device is implemented with advanced 0.18um CMOS process technology for low power consumption. For the high port count switch design such as 16 or 24 or 32-port, the IP 108A can simplify the system design and ensure the targeted performance..


IP 108A can be programmed to operate in various modes through either hardware (hardware strapping pin) or software control (registers setting via SMI). It also supports SS-SMII interface to MAC controller to reduce the pin- count.

The IP 108A contains eight independent 10/ 100M PHY Transceiver and includes encoder, decoder, line driver, ADC, DAC, DSP and PLL circuits for each port. The IP 108A enters the Automatic Power Saving Mode to lower the power consumption once the link partner is disconnected. The IP 108A just needs an external OSC or crystal as the clock source, simplifying the system design. Besides the features described above, the driving capability of IP 108A can be trimmed to minimize the EMI effect by the advanced slew rate control technology.

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